05 September 2008

Time to get back in the groove...

Of blogging that is. I probably should try to allot time each day to blog something about what's going on so I remember I have a blog (and a livejournal, and myspace, and facebook (which miraculously I can never forget I have because "PuzzleBee" is bloody addictive)).

Since I got engaged back in July, I have been doing quite a bit of brainstorming for my wedding, only the only work I have actually completed has been the purchase/order of wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. I started two knitting projects, a garter and a veil (pictures will be in a future blog) for it which are both 90% complete. All I have left is final rows on veil and binding the loose ends together, blocking, and various other needed stuff. I've done a lot of searching things online and came with the only church that I could find to actually have stuff about getting married there on line is Manassas Baptist. Back in the day I did hang out with some of the youth group folks there (when I was that young... yes it's possible), but I never really had a good experience with those folks. Thankfully I don't think I have to worry about that anymore, but I have to wait til October (6 months away from April 4th, the date I want) in order to see about reserving it. I still need to call my pastor (C.J. Benner) to see if that date works for him and if there is a way that I can have Philip meet him and say yes to the prospect of him marrying us. If you're wondering, Philip hasn't said outright no to any of these ideas I am mentioning... in fact he's okay with the date, doesn't seem to care about the other two... but most of all, he's kind of more focused on getting school stuff done, and is not usually in the mood to discuss wedding planning.

I'm thinking I would prefer to go with some local companies when it comes to flowers, invitations and some other things. Philip and I like to support local businesses whenever we can (yeah, this involves me with local yarn shops and splurging too much, but lets not get into that.)

Speaking of shopping, I'm trying to do a moratorium on buying a lot of new things like I have been. No yarn shopping for a while for me (unless it's necessary for gifts and the like) and cut down a lot on my manga buying. I have a lot of money on my two wachovia cards I want to trim down into no debt on before I get married. Unfortunately, the easiest way for me not to spend money on those two cards was me getting a new one to use for gas, groceries and other essentials. I've already broken some of this not wanting to spend alot because of DVDs I needed (well, really really wanted) and probably because there is a manga sale at Borders... oh well.

Anyways, that is all to sum up for now... I probably should get back to my desk to look like I'm doing some work and/or finish the veil knitting. So very close!

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Nicole said...

Haha, I know what you mean to trim down spending...I had to with being on "vacation" for the time being. I'm thinking of picking up a second job though I don't want to because I will be so tired working the other one early in the morning. I may have to in order to "afford" to go out there.

Keep me posted on the date, so I can request it off. Also, let me know how many days you need me to be there prior. I figured I would fly back home the day after the wedding to cut costs and so I can work Monday.