08 September 2008

Just a Note

I indeed did say I was going to try to keep up better with my blog here, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of my work and such. Today I decided on one "secret" project to change exactly what it was and use one pattern and make it bigger. So far, okay, but I think I've goofed up a bit in the 3rd row of pattern... which can just prove irritating... need better light to fix the problem than is provided by my apartment (usually... I can have more light, but it glares through my tv and we can't have this when I want to see the next part of the story in Philip's game).

I started a twitter, but I think I'm going to have that stuff ported to my LJ... other than that... nothing too much new other than finally got the air filter changed in my apartment and I'm going to be swamped tomorrow at work.

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