20 February 2012

Sonnet: I used to watch you from afar~

Sometimes when we write, we require a voice that is not our own.  Sometimes when we write we await upon a muse.  Many days have been spent by me claiming my muse had left me, but in truth, I think I had left my muse.  Life got in the way, time was lost, and I got distracted by everything so I could not sit down and actually compose. 

I wrote this poem before the one I wrote that was dedicated to my husband.  This poem is what spurred me to this realization.  Sometimes one just needs motivation.  The "Broken Quill" provided me that motivation.  Also it spurred another realization... my poetry seems to only be able to be written when I am down.  That is also possible because that's the only time I truly feel inspired.
I used to watch you from afar never
Dreaming for love, yet there you were, rose in
Hand, and a moment felt like forever.
You made me melt as you caressed my skin.
I remember laying in your lap so
Relaxed by the fire, hands in my hair,
The rhythm of your lips, caress so slow...
You hummed a song and we were without care.
I close my eyes and listen, I still hear
You beside me, still feel your arms around.
I'll never forget the rose on my ear.
I'm scared, but I'll be fine. I won't break down.
I used to watch you from afar never
Dreaming for love, for my love, forever.

Performed/read for the Kingship of the East's "Broken Quill" by Honeko Eir (my WoW main character).

09 February 2012

Sonnet: I used to lay staring up to the sky~

Sometimes I find it hard to find my inspiration... but after writing a poem the other day (which I will post up at a later date because I'm holding onto it to myself til I present it to the "Broken Quill") I discovered my muse is really there all along.  I'm hoping to be able to write more of these in the future. 

Yes. I love sonnets.  Yes I love Shakespearean style sonnets.

Yes I'm a Shakespeare geek.

But enough about me... onto the poem. This one is dedicated to my husband.

I used to lay staring up to the sky
And let the petals fall upon my face.
Spring snow of cherry blossoms fly by.
I’d roll over, nestle in your embrace.
Sometimes I fear that when I turn you’ll be
Long gone, out of touch, so far out of reach,
And yet you’ve shown this wrong, you cling to me.
I’ve taken you for granted, then I leech.
I’ve taken it all and given none back
And you still remain constant like the spring.
Protect me from my mind’s constant attack.
Show me strength my love, my everything.
I used to lay staring up to the sky.
Spring snow of cherry blossoms fly by.