31 January 2012

Vignette: To Move On~

Every once and again, I feel inspired to write.  I think I need to stop holding back and let it come.  In the future I hope to show off other vignettes, inspired by characters I play in roleplaying.  This will be either Dasaria, Mabinogi, WoW, SWTOR, or even from my pen and paper games.  Here is the first installment of this attempt from my WoW character Mercii Nightwalker.

I'd gotten complacent.  I started picking up the Gilnean way to speak.  Greymyst rubbed off on me and left a mark.

But I was not pleased with how he came about trying to provide for the family we were having.  Not pleased at all.  You earn what you make, you do not just take from others that have committed the hard work.  That is not the way of the world.

Or maybe I am wrong.  This world made no sense to me.  The ways of the animals made more sense.  Survival of the fittest.  For each their own.  Sister was displeased I had chosen a human... worgen mate.  I just simply felt they had more in common with me, because many of our men were still foggy from a dream.

I think if it is a daughter, and I have strong belief that she will be, she will be called Onikari.  She will not know her father.  I tire of him.  If he wishes to come claim me and stop thieving, that is his decision.  I tire of men in general.  None of which have been pleasant decisions on my part.  I was too intent on finding myself a mate, but not interested in the responsibilities that came with it.

But I have one.  To my child.  Many animals do not have males to aid them in child rearing.  I do not think I require this.

Mercii Nightwalker

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