19 January 2012

I think I'm going to move to Australia

According to my weatherbug app, it is a balmy 28°F here in Burke.  After missing both my normal trains I hike up here to take the Amtrak 176... which is supposed to arrive at 1036. It is now 1113 and I am watching the Amtrak website to see how much later it will be. Thankfully it is cozy in my car... well it is when it is on, but it is difficult to listen for train when car is running.

All this because I am a spaz and left my ticket at home when I left to catch my first train.


Hours later I have finally made it into work and I think my feet have finally thawed at least a little bit from standing out in the cold so long.  I have determined I wish to travel more by train for long trips.  The atmosphere to me feels a lot more relaxing than I remember when I flew last.  Sitting down to work and eating some good Chipotle comfort food, I think I have rescinded my desire for moving to the land down under.  But still...

I am such a spaz.

DISCLAIMER: The picture above is not mine but the cover of the children's book from which my blog title has come from.  Pretty much between my husband and I (and his dad for that matter) "I think I'm going to move to Australia" is our silly way to say "I'm having a bad day."

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