15 October 2008

I am a very bad blogger

Because I don't keep my promises to blog more. I mean, how horrible I am!

So today, as I sit down with my Beef and Broccoli and Code Red Mountain Dew, I contemplate the theories on how to be a better blogger. Perhaps I should share with everyone my latest writing, but as I am always uncertain about publishing such things to the masses without trying to get paid for it first, I delay that possibility. Perhaps I could talk about politics...

Well, yes I could talk about politics, but my mind forming coherent thoughts on the election that just will not end for long enough time to write it down is slim to none. I know who I'm voting for, I know who I'm voting against... and that sometimes I just want Obama to lose to make someone annoying cry... but that's mean of me, so I don't let my thoughts dwell on that too long. I don't like being mean.

I could talk about knitting, but I have a hard enough time keeping ravelry updated with recent pictures of my work and what i'm working on... that and i keep changing up projects frequently lately... oh well.

There has just been too much on my mind lately... how my work status is hopefully going to stay stable, but no real telling... how the economy could even change that... how the election itself could be the make or break of my company and my job stability... and oh my God, I really need to get cracking on calling the Pastor and nailing down the church for the day that I want. *sigh*... probably should discuss with philip and the folks what time would be best in the day to have the wedding and then start actually doing something about it... for once.

*sigh* I really want to blog more, I do. But I can't promise anything about keeping it relatively up to date. I will try, but no promises this time around.

Until the next time...

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