16 October 2008

"Health of the Mother"

I may be showing my true blood radical conservative here when I put this one up. I was pleased to hear McCain bring this phrase to the light in Wednesday night's debate. (I didn't watch. for some reason I find it healthy to play violent fantasy video games during debates and other political events so in case I get mad I can smite the evildoer with my paladin anyways).

I am pro-life. I do not agree with abortion being practiced in any case at all, save LIFE of mother. Yes, this is a difference. People can look over the difference between "health" and "life" just fine, but there is a difference. It is the matter of definition and what sort of loop-holes people can find.

You see, health of mother can cover a plethora of different issues from sickness to mental illness... and even "I don't feel good about having this baby." Sure there are actual health problems that one can have when having a baby and the life gets put in danger. That is why there must be a distinction between the two.

My position on abortion is not something I debate often. I have researched the issue thoroughly and I have found there is substantial evidence that life begins at conception/implantation. This is why I believe abortion is wrong. I'm not totally sure about legislating it. If anything, it's the states decision if at all, the government should butt the hell out. If it was me, I'd never have an abortion. In any case. When it is life or death though, that will be where the true decision will lay. That I don't know... and I think I will reserve that judgement when the time is right.

I am not militant. I think bombing abortion clinics is hypocrisy. I think shouting down women outside of clinics like "don't kill your baby" is extremely judgemental and all in all a bad idea (i've heard of a woman who had just had a miscarriage come out of one and had that shouted at her...). It is a very touchy subject and needs to be treated with the utmost care.

But still, arguing over health vs. life of the mother is a valid argument. Health is very broad, life is not. Life is more important in the end. Isn't that the point?

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