03 March 2010

Take Initiative - but not that Initiative

I have worked very hard on this website. Is it all for nothing? It feels as if its my fault we have not gotten any new inquiries for our products, at least this is the impression I am getting from the boss figure. He rushed me to get the project up and done and updated, even though I had told him I had started a brand new layout from scratch. He told me when it was ready that it looked good and to go ahead and upload it.

And now he's talking about needing to probably put the old one up for these folowing reasons:
It doesn't work properly in IE6.

A browser that only 10-11% of the internet traffic even uses and is over 6 years old and Google themselves are phasing it out...
No "search page".

We have a site map and sheesh the code for a search page is complicated.
People cannot find our site on the first page of searching for one of our products.

I've done the "keywords" thing in the code, but apparently that's not enough. We're (other guys and me) not even sure putting the old page will fix this problem.

Part of me wonders if my boss really only wants to undermine something I spent so much of my time perfecting. Perhaps that is not the case. I don't really know. What really peeves me off the most is that the meeting talking about the webpage was held without me... and I only found out about it walking by.

I really should document how this makes me feel for my therapist. It's really causing some "bad thoughts" that are not helping me at all.

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