04 July 2008


I'm a very very bad blogger. Back when I was introduced to the world of blogging through LiveJournal (which I still have one today) I used to post all the time... multiple times a day... whether I had something to say or not. Now a days, all my blogs seem to be lacking the love. It's not like I haven't been knitting... it's that there are so many other shiny things for me to do.

I've found lovely books to read, whether it's the Dresden Files or one of my many manga or novels that I have been collecting over the past few years. I also fell in love with a new game, Mabinogi. I have enjoyed playing as "Honeko" with Philip playing "Kagaea" and playing with other friends in my guild the RPSociety. They are cool folk and I love the freeform feel of this game. I can go whatever path I feel like when it so strikes me. It's fun and pretty relaxing. The beginning of gameplay is free, but if you want special features that's when you shell out the money. I think it's worth it... so long as I have money to spend.

That has been consuming my time, as well as hanging out with friends, attempting to clean room and failing and thus gettting onto Mabinogi or lounging on the MIMIC. My apartment is abysmal in mess, and it is very overwhelming to look at and try to get started on. But I need to get started and finished. Maybe I'm going to have to put down the needles and turn off the computer to get it done. Maybe. If I can.

I finished my "Fire Brigade Cape" back around the 20th of June. I made the little flower and used a snap enclosure. It suited it's purpose extremely well, better than I had hoped. Although after the fact I found that the stitching holding the snaps in place are slowly coming undone, so I think I'm going to need to rework the enclosure before the next time I take it out on the town.

I also made some gloves in the NaturallyCaron.com Spa yarn. It breathes really well and I could hardly tell they were even on my hands during a summer afternoon. I say that is a success in what I was trying with them.

I began a new project from my birthday present "Fitted Knits". This is the "Boatneck Bluebell" sweater. It came out a lot better than originally thought and it was a pleasure to knit. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I still have the seaming of the sleeves to do left. But that can probably wait until I 1) feel like seaming or 2) it gets closer to the proper season to wear a sweater. Lets see if I actually remember the sweater exists by that time.

I hope you enjoyed this sum up of what's been going on in my life since. I need to really get back into a blogging regularly habit because it sometimes helps me sort through my crazy thoughts that I have these days.

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