12 April 2012

So Glad I'm Home from the Hospital... oh hi blog!

I had resolved to write more in this blog, but I haven't.  Honestly, I'm not entirely certain again why I stopped.  I may have gotten busy with work or life or something.  But perhaps it was because I've been sick.

Honestly I have no idea how long I had the blood clots they found in my lungs, just that they were there and causing me other issues.  I had pain in my left shoulder so bad I could hardly move and I was starting to be unable to breathe effectively.  So I spent a good five or so days in the hospital in the beginning of this month.  I missed quite a bit of work but they seem to still like me and let me work from home until the doctors say I can head back in.  So currently, I'm on oxygen and blood thinners (one of which I have to inject myself with), I'm off birth control (they think that's what caused the blood clots... this is not normal for a person of my age and lack of smoking, but *sigh*), and I'm working from home.  At least I'm trying to work from home... I seem to have the same issue I have while I am at work... a lack of things to do.  But I am making myself available by showing on the "Google Chat" they use.

The weekend before life went to hell and a hand-basket, I went down to Charlottesville to see a friend from KoE perform in "The Wizard of Oz."  A grand time was had and I got to meet him and his girlfriend and see just how talented he is.  A part of me wants to do whatever I can do to support the theater that put this own and his talent, but another part of me doesn't know exactly how much I can do.

But as of right now, I need to focus on getting better.  And hopefully in my getting better, I will find that muse again so I can write more.

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