24 November 2009

A work related rant

Yeah I realize it has been ages since I've written here. I'm a horrible blogger. But I twit! I'd link but I'm lazy and don't want to spend too much time working that out.

"You need to be more responsive" he tells me. After I just received and email that I just told him about before I even had a chance to take care of it. It's frustrating really because "i've never seen you be responsive" when I actually quite do it all the time. He doesn't pay attention or praise me when I do things right, he only bothers me when I do things wrong and sneak up on me and ask me what I'm doing when I'm just taking a break from working to browse a website. I mean, sheesh, everyone does it. Except him. Because to him, he only cares about work. He only wants people to be doing what benefits the company. He doesn't care about the comfort of his employees. He is fine with them "suffering" without things to help them do their job. He thinks it's just fine to talk down to them and treat them like they're children (even though he is older than all of us).

Yes I realize this "isn't college". I realize that I need to be doing work. There is such a thing as multitasking. I've been lonely and demoralized. I have a hard time working on what needs to be done when I don't feel as if I'm going to get any credit for it or it will probably be viewed as "okay" or "unacceptable". He tells me to do multiple things at once and gets irritated when the one thing that was more important that he didn't bother to tell me was more important wasn't done. Sometimes I can't keep up with is demand.

I am not innocent in this though. Sure I slack off at times. It just feels that when I do do a good job, it isn't recognized. If I'm proud of something it's ignored. I try. I seriously do. I could try harder. But... I don't have much motivation to do so.

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