06 January 2009

New Year Blues

The beginning of this year is going to be extremely busy, with learning up on the accounting at work and learning to balance accounting stuff and technical editing. Also going to be busy because of wedding planning and getting everything needed together for the 4th of April. Afterwards, I hope the year slows down.

I have accomplished one thing already this year, although it's later than I had hoped. Philip's Sweater!
I'm especially proud of it and so far have received many compliments.

Another thing I did the beginning of the year was get rid of my domain and website, elvenprincess.com. I wasn't using it anymore and I just don't have time to manage that, a livejournal, a myspace, a facebook, and a blog. So I figured, I might as well cancel out of the one I had to pay for every three months. Sure I pay for my livejournal (i like my icons), but that's something I'm more likely to do something with.

But the accounting has the potential to murder me... I'm hoping it's not as bad as the last day was.

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