11 November 2008


I've always been a geek for a well told story. This is partially why when I was young I wanted to become a writer. Since I graduated college though my muse has been lacking. I have recently joined with some of my friends from the "The Table" for a Writer's Workshop every other Thursday. I'm also attempting Nanowrimo again this year. So far so good as I've made it past the 10K marker (although by tomorrow evening I should be at 20K). I think I'm doing significantly better than I did last year. Perhaps it's because I found a few good novels to read (well told stories) in a style that I'm far more comfortable with writing (first person).

So far I'm pleased with myself, and I will probably spend some time this evening thinking of the next pieces of the story to put together. Hopefully by monday next week I can be caught up with where I should be in my word count (or past it)... but with SimTerra on saturday, my hope for that isn't very high. So I have my work cut out for me the next few days. Hopefully that proposal Dr. Ganguly had me work on today won't be too time consuming. I'm even forgoing some of my knitting Christmas presents to write this story. One of the downsides of being a knitter at christmas and wanting to write Nanowrimo, is that the two don't totally mesh all that well. At least... not yet.

Philip has started writing a very good story recently in first person (not something i've seen him write in before) and it's really good. It made me remember one of the reasons I fell for him in the first place, I have always loved his storytelling style. His style is more that of a spoken style. It comes across in his DMing our games as well as it makes his writing style very distinctive. This new story shows his voice very well.

So I have found I love telling stories and am finally getting around to getting back into shape of telling them... and I love being a part of the story with my friends, whether it be the Tuesday night group, Saturday group, or Sunday afternoon group... or... whenever. And even if a "game" is over... the story never really stops, because I can still keep writing it or speaking it.

I really love all my characters. They're all showing up in my Nano novel. If I finish I think I may even get the nano novel into paperback as one of their free gifts for "winning". That would be SOOO awesome.

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