16 May 2008


As I finally got around to reading the first book in The Dresden Files, Storm Front, I realized how difficult it really is to try to read a small paperback while trying to knit 4x4 ribbing on my Stargazer shirt. Browsing through my blog roll (and various news/commentary sites) as I am want to do (and knit while reading because sometimes just knitting at my desk without something else going on is just plain boring... I wish I could get some work... well, actually I don't really because "when it rains it pours" is how work comes by here), I found through Yarn Rambles a link to tools you can use if you are silly like me and multi-task reading and knitting because of some weird ADHD tendencies (it could also be the anti-anxiety meds making me more multi-tasking type, but I'm not complaining, I've got a lot of knitting done in the few months I've been on it and I've been a lot more relaxed).

But I keep digressing... I have determined I really would like OpenPage(tm) Book Holders to help me in my reading and knitting endevours. As it is May and my birthday is the end of the month (May 28... I will be at the old age of 26), I think I will hold off on purchasing things (so very difficult... I keep wandering into book stores and yarn stores and coming out with additions to my collection without trying to think of where I'm putting any of it...) until I get birthday money/presents.

I also highly recommend Yarn Harlot's newest book "Things I learned from Knitting... whether I wanted to or not." Had me laughing in Pizzarama while I was waiting for my lunch on Wednesday and I read some of it aloud to Philip to my own amusement. Unfortunately I felt encouraged by the book to spend more money on yarn like it's a good thing to do... and it's okay to start more and more projects while I have loads of things hanging out on the needles awaiting my love and attention... something I think he will be very unhappy about. He encourages me to buy only what I need and can store... unless we're in IKEA and I bring home along with my new EKTORP chair, a Drake and a fluffy black pillow with eyes and a tail. Yeah... well, my excuse is I'm more likely to use the yarn and store them than the fuzzies... the fuzzies I just give personalities and bury helpless visitors under while they're on my couch, also known as the MIMIC who devours everything (even a knitting needle from my very first set... I have not seen it since...).

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