02 February 2008

Always need an introductory post.

I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to name my blog. I never was very good at titles. All the ideas in my head just didn't seem to work.

So I went with "Eleutheria".

Eleutheria is Attic Greek for "Freedom".

I fell in love with this word the moment I learned it. It sounded pretty and I have always had a strong desire for freedom. Freedom is very important when you're in college (when I took Greek) and just getting started out in the wide world. Freedom is very important to this country for the desire for freedom from the British rule began the country. So in essence, there is a lot about freedom that simply, fits.

There are few things that really put me at complete peace and feeling like I am free. I started a blog so I can feel free to discuss more hard hitting subjects that don't really fit a "journal", like trying to take a stab at political blogging. I also am interested to tackle hard question like those revolving around fantasy and what role can gamers actually play in a church setting. I may also talk about anime series as a whole that I have watched and do reviews of them. And then there's this other hobby that I enjoy, knitting. In the future I will post up pictures of work I have done and if I have ever broken into the creating of my own patterns I will post them here as well.

So in essence, I'm trying to break into the world of blogging where I will try my best to intellectually rant about things in the world going on. We'll see how this goes I suppose.


Spank That Donkey said...

That pretty Cool !

Jim Hoeft said...

Great name! Welcome to the blogosphere!